Monday, October 10, 2011

Minecraft Mod Hack - Marglyph's TooManyItems

The famous Marglyph's TooManyItems is one of the moust useful mods for minecraft.
Basicly it lets you drop any item to you inventory directly from a panel aside of your minecraft inventory.
Using too many items hack is so intuitive and so easy.
Intall this mod - you wont regreat doing it!

Download link:

And please - Enjoy!

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

A new Bukkit RB is out!

New Bukkit reccomended build is out there for download -
1240 are the magic numbers of the new version.

As always more stable, more reliable, less crashes, less lag on your minecraft bukkit server.

Download the new jar and update your server with the latest Bukkit minecraft server.

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Minecraft Mods: Zombe's modpack

Hack? Mod? Whatever.

Zombe's modpack is one of the best tools you can find on the internet.
All tested and working on Minecraft 1.8.3

List of singleplayer only mods in current release:
boom - aka Damage Control
build - aka Classic Building
cart - aka Cart Control
chest - aka Autostore
death - aka Death Behavior
dig - aka Digging Adjustments
furnace - aka Custom Smelting Recipes
growth - aka Plant Growth
icon - aka Container Content Icons
items - aka Item/Block Properties
ore - aka Ore Redistribution
recipe - aka Custom Crafting Recipies
resize - aka Critter Size Variety
spawn - aka Critter Spawn Control
teleport - aka Teleportation
weather - aka Weather Control

List of singleplayer and multiplayer mods in current release:
cheat - aka Cheat
cloud - aka Cloud Control
compass - aka Compass
craft - aka Craft All Key
fly - aka Flying
info - aka World Information
path - aka Path Tracker
sun - aka Sun Control
safe - aka Critter Spawn Highlighter
wield - aka Wield Key

Download link:

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Minecraft Hogwart

Here's something cool I found out on Planet Minecraft.
A sweet Hogwarts school Castle made in Minecraft!
How cool is that! Well I guess only other Harry Potter fans like me will be happy to see this nice project.

Anyway - Enjoy!

Monday, September 19, 2011

Minecraft Project - The Watchful Eye

Another cool project from Planet Minecraft: The Watchful Eye

Who's making those awesome minecraft buildings? I mean..he has to be some kind of architectural designer or something! Anyway Good job.

And as always -  Enjoy!

Friday, September 16, 2011

Permissions - bukkit minecraft server plugin

Permissions, Permissions, Permissions!

Maybe one of the most inportant pluggins ever.
Your bukkit server is going to need this if you want to separate your users on groups.
And when I say on groups I don't mean OP's and no OP''s I mean groups like: builders, users, peasonts,VIPs, Moderators, Half-OPers, vampires, orcs, elfs, humans, undeads... basicly - whatever you want!

Permissions lets you create a custom group, that you can add people to, with certain permissions that you give them.

Download link:

Enjoy my friends!

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Essentials v2.6.2 - A collection of useful commands and features

Essentials. One of the most powerfull and most usefull mods. Ever.
What does it do? Better ask what it doesn't do!
/spawn, /home, /teleport, /heal, /kill, /kick, /back, /ban... please don't make me write every one of the 100+ commands it ads to your server!

Just download that plugin to your server and install it already!
Download link:

Enjoy my friends!

Friday, September 9, 2011

Lottery server plugin

A plugin that is loved by all my users.

Basicly people buy tickets for iConomy money and then they are all in the lottery to win 100%, more or less of the price of all sold tickets in the draw.

Th settings are: cost of ticket, to get in the lottery and how often should the lottery redraw.

It has settings how much % of the price of the tickets should be gave to the winner, from 0% to 100%, and if you want you can add even additional bonus to the draw.

So if you set it to 100% and add a bonus price you can make your users very happy and earn more from the lottery...

Or ... you can set it up like in real world - no bonuses and the draw cuts on 70-80%

So when 10 people buy tickets for total 50$ the winner will get 35$ - he is earning, 30$, but actually the iConomy lose money - opposite to Heaven Activity.

Friday, September 2, 2011

Creaturebox minecraft plugin

Creaturebox is a simple yet verry powerfull plugin.

What it does is to change the spawned to spawn diferent mobs like Skeletons, Zombies, Creepers, why not?

With this plugin you can  make so many diferent survival events!

On my server we have a Treaser of the Pirates event that is hold on 3 big islands whith many of these so called Creaturebox that spawn diferent type of monster that players have top fight trough.

Hhave your fun and beat that creepers out!


Saturday, August 27, 2011

AntiGuest minecraft plugin

Basicly this plugin prevents guest users from modifying the world.

You know that greefers that come to your server and ruine everyone's fun, don't you?

With a single permissions settings and this plugin all nightmares are gone!

Have fun and happy servering :)


Tuesday, August 23, 2011

iConomy 5.0.1 (Eruanna)

Sooo... basicly... this plugin adds money to your Minecraft server.
Money that can measure items in game.
For example if a diamond is the hardest item to find in the game then it's price would be 10$
If the dirt is the easiest it's price would be like 0.01$
And this prices will not be set by the administration of the minecraft server, but from the comunity itself!
If someone things that 10$ for a diamond is too much he wont buy any diamonds until someone lower the price to 9$ or something.

The iConomy plugin itself is only the core, but there are plenty of other plugins that connect to the iconomy and use its curency to buy/sell stuff and even earn money - like the Heaven Activity plugin we talked about early on.

Link to the iConomy:

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

ChairCraft Plugin

ChairCraft is one very interesting plugin taht has two functions: Decorationa and Usefulness.

It is used so people can sit on chairs - it so cool for screenshots and tea parties!
But still when set up using the config it can also heal player while sitting on the chairs!

Watch the demo movie and you will get the idea.

I do use it on my server and I prefer it to everybody that wants to add a new cool thing to his server, a fresh one, but that isn't too havy or something like RPG plugins.

Monday, August 8, 2011

HeavenActivity Plugin

Heaven Activity is a plugin that let people make iConomy money as they are doing their own bussines.

You chat? = You earn iConomy money
You walk?  = You earn iConomy money
You build? = You earn iConomy money
You gather matterials?  = You earn iConomy money

Basicly this is a cool people so you let people earn money in game and drive the economy.
This plugins works great with other plugins I am going to review soon that will let people buy/self staff from one to another or even to the server itself.

If you would like me to review some plugin just write me in the comments.

Saturday, August 6, 2011

SpamHammer Plugin

The SpamHammer plugin is a plugin to help cleaning up the chat from the people that

So basicly it counts messages send / seconds past.

The config is pretty basic - settings for shout it mute, kick or ban, what message to send, etc.

I personally set  my SpamHammer to kick people whenever they type more then 3 messages in 3 seconds.
My settings are:
    message: You are typing too fast!
    limit: 3
    preventabovelimit: true
    period: 3
        limit: 2
        block: true
    message: You have been banned for spamming.
    message: You have been kicked for spamming.  Keep it up and you'll be banned.
    message: Spamming punishment reset.  Be nice!
    time: 300
        failure: Player is not muted.
        success: Player has been unmuted.
        failure: Player is not banned by SpamHammer.
        success: Player has been unbanned
        success: Player's punishment level reset.
    ban: false
    kick: true
    mute: false
        unmute: You are no longer muted.
        muted: You are muted!
        mute: You will be muted for %t second(s) for spamming.  Keep it up and you'll be kicked.
    length: 30
    - /g
    - /general
    - /yell
 The plugin has a blacklist too which is really usefull to ad mods etc so they don't get acidently kicked off.

If there is a plugin that you want me to review gimme your request in the comments below.

Friday, August 5, 2011

Birthday plugin

The Birthday plugin is a minecraft plugin that records everyone's birthday and give them present on their birthday!

The setting's are as follow:

Birthday Message: Birthday Message
Iconomy_Money: 10
Number of gifts: 1
Item on birthday: 92
Birthday Message - what message should recieve the user when he logs in and the server congratz him for his Birthday!
Iconomy_Money - if your server uses iConomy this is the vallue of money he will recieve on his birthday.
Item on birthday - what gift should he receive? 92 by defaultis the Cake :)
Number of gifts - the amaount of gifts. Let's say 5 cakes, or maybe 10 diamonds?

The commands are as follow:

  • /birthday <day> <month> - sets your birthday and can be used by any player
  • /birthdayp <day> <month> <player> - can be used by admins only and can modify any players birthday
  • /bd <player> - checks the players birthday and can be used by any player

If you like it download it and install it. It's really fun and all the players will be surprised.

Tell me in the comments what is the next plugin you would like me to review?

Minecraft Plugins - Wellcome!

Hi pals and wellcome to Minecraft Plugins Blog.

In this blog I will try to review some good plugins that I use on my minecraft server.