Friday, September 9, 2011

Lottery server plugin

A plugin that is loved by all my users.

Basicly people buy tickets for iConomy money and then they are all in the lottery to win 100%, more or less of the price of all sold tickets in the draw.

Th settings are: cost of ticket, to get in the lottery and how often should the lottery redraw.

It has settings how much % of the price of the tickets should be gave to the winner, from 0% to 100%, and if you want you can add even additional bonus to the draw.

So if you set it to 100% and add a bonus price you can make your users very happy and earn more from the lottery...

Or ... you can set it up like in real world - no bonuses and the draw cuts on 70-80%

So when 10 people buy tickets for total 50$ the winner will get 35$ - he is earning, 30$, but actually the iConomy lose money - opposite to Heaven Activity.