Friday, September 2, 2011

Creaturebox minecraft plugin

Creaturebox is a simple yet verry powerfull plugin.

What it does is to change the spawned to spawn diferent mobs like Skeletons, Zombies, Creepers, why not?

With this plugin you can  make so many diferent survival events!

On my server we have a Treaser of the Pirates event that is hold on 3 big islands whith many of these so called Creaturebox that spawn diferent type of monster that players have top fight trough.

Hhave your fun and beat that creepers out!



  1. Never played Minecraft, but after going through ur posts this looks intersting!
    i think ill try this out!


  2. I am very happy you like my blog!

    The game is awesome, the freedom is kinda unbelievable!

    Download it, you wont regret.

  3. glass room full of creepers!!!!!.. or a creeper spawner right next to spawn zone... XD... Welcome to my server!! XD

  4. I just got into minecraft a few weeks ago, but the possibilities seem to be endless...

    thinking about setting up my own server